Vixen Chat: Keyshia Dior Talks KA’OIR Cosmetics + Lipstick Line With Trina

The beautiful Keyshia Dior is about her business and is continuing to keep her hustles up. Most recognized for her work in Timbaland and Drake’s “Say Something” video, the young lady has gone from video model to becoming CEO of her own company, KA’OIR Cosmetics, in just a year. With the recent launch of her own lipstick line, Keyshia spoke with VIBE Vixen about the new beauty venture, the inspiration for her products, collaborating with rapper Trina on a custom lipstick and more. -Anthony Reynolds

On the idea for KA’OIR Cosmetics:
I always have been a unique person when it came to my fashion or hair or my nails, or whatever I do. So I wore blue lipstick one day, it’s not something I planned. I just did it one day and it got on the blogs. Then the fans and the people started reaching out to me like, ‘Where did you get the blue lipstick from?’ but it actually wasn’t lipstick. I figured I need to be able to tell them where I got it from, so I created it. And that’s how it all started.

On where she gets the ideas for the lipstick colors:
When I create them I think of myself. With the entire KA’OIR line, I think of me. I don’t think of my fans or customers, I think of something that I would wear, and if I would I buy it.

On whether she’ll be venturing into fashion:
I would start small with some KA’OIR tops or something, but for now im going to expand KA’OIR into the cosmetic world more.

On collaborating with Trina for KA’OIR Cosmetics:
I wanted to start with Trina because she is a friend of mine, and I admire her. I think she’s very pretty. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. We created the color Neon Rockstarr together, and we came up with pink because Trina is not as bold and crazy as myself to wear the blue and green lipsticks. I wanted to have a color she can wear everyday and be comofortable wearing it. So definitely once we see how it goes with Trina, I want to work with other celebs in the future and create colors for each of them.