Vixen Chat: Keyshia Dior Talks KA’OIR Cosmetics + Lipstick Line With Trina

On expanding the KA’OIR Cosmetics brand:
Defintely. We have lipsticks now. We also have lip glosses. Im launching my nail polishes for Christmas. Hair, eyelashes, I’m looking to add that to the KA’OIR line as well.

On a potential career in music:
I play with the music. I don’t really take it seriously. Whatever I do, I put my all in it, but I’m not trying to be a singer. If it happens, great, but it’s not my focus right now. I’ve always known how to sing and people mistake me for a singer sometimes. I just play with it.

On advice to the youth:
I always tell the young girls to focus on their dreams. They have to do it with class because once you’re pretty, and you have a nice body, especially if you’re in a video, you’re classified in another category which is terrible. So I tell them to keep their heads up, stay focused and believe in themselves before someone else believes in them. Its okay for someone to tell you no, you just have to keep going.