Vixen Chat: Tatyana Ali Talks Panamanian Roots + Old School Beauty Remedies


What’s your day-to-day skin care regimen?
I really like Murad, because if anything my skin is a little bit dry but I try to keep it really simple. My mom always told me the less you do the better, there are not a lot of facials, not a lot of chemicals just leave it alone.

What about the makeup, do you try to keep that natural too?
When I’m not working. You know, work makeup is something different, but when I’m not working, I try to keep it really simple. I like Kiehl’s. They have this tinted moisturizer that’s really light, that’s like every day. If I want something more for night time, I use Bobbi Brown. They have great colors.

Do you have any tips on how to get rid of blemishes?
It’s kind of old school but it really works: toothpaste. Like, if you get a zit or something and you put toothpaste on it, the next day it just makes it go through the process a lot faster. I don’t know what’s in the toothpaste that does that, but it works. Another really good thing is if I have a breakout or something, I’ll steam the face in the shower or put water on a stove and use a towel to steam and it gets all the impurities out. They are all old school remedies but those are the best.

How do you stay fit?
I love spinning, it’s my favorite. It’s really intense and it’s great music. I love it! You burn like 400 to 600 calories in an hour. There’s nothing else that does that, and its just fun you know, dancing to the music really fast. So I do that, and I try to switch it up. I’ll do some palates one day or I’ll do weights the other day. I try to do it at least three days a week.

On a normal day, do you prefer jeans and sneakers or slacks and heels?
Everyday when I go out, I like jeans and heels. I love that leggings are in right now. They are the most comfortable things ever, so I’ll wear those, some high-heeled boots and a t-shirt.