Vixen of the Day: Damaris Colon

Name: Damaris Colon
Age: 24
Location: Newark, DE
Occupation: Beauty & Fashion Writer
Style: Femme Rock
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Makeup
Inspired By: Beyonce, for her humbleness; Halle Berry, for her age-less beauty; and Michelle Obama, for representing our race in a positive light.

A Vixen is…
A VIXEN is fearless. She takes chances with her appearance and doesn’t make any apologies. She does not “tone it down” to make others comfortable — she simply tells them they need to catch up. A VIXEN exudes sexy whether she is sans-makeup in a tee and sweat pants or  in her ‘Beyonce Freakum Dress’. A VIXEN is…fun, flirty, and fabulous.

Photo Credit:  Alan Mildor