What Men Want! Paula Patton Shows Off Her Body for January “GQ”

It’s Paula Patton season, and she’s not letting up. Robin Thicke’s wife is spotted in the January issue of GQ sporting sexy lingerie and beach wear. Fresh off the premiere of Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol (and magazine covers), she dishes about playing a spy and being blending cultures with her Canadian in-laws.

On Mission: Impossible:
I was doing physical stunts,” says Patton excitedly, “feet in the mud, fingernails full of dirt, shooting and fighting for my life.”

On the in-laws:
“Canadians are a lot like us, actually,” Patton jokes. “I’ve figured out how to blend in.” Spoken like a true lady-spy.
Paula is pretty badass these days. A long way from her sweet Deja Vu and Idlewild days, she is emerging as one of the hottest ladies in the game… And her hubby will scream it from the mountain tops. Check out Thicke talking to Chelsea Handler about his lady:
Check out more pictures from the GQ spread below…