What We Love About Our Bodies: Black Women Spill

It´s no secret that black women walk with a certain flair that indicates we have it going on. We´re bold. We´re powerful. We´re sensual. We´re provocative. We´re beautiful. And we come in many hues, shapes, and personalities. Read what seven black women love about their bodies and then tell us what you love about yours!

“My legs are phenomenal. They are long and shapely, underneath the suppleness, lies muscle, conditioned from years of being an athlete in my earlier years. They exhibit strength and grace while chasing down a bus, doing lunges or wrapping them around a deserving lover.” – Nicole Blake, Nicole is the New Black

“My cleavage is generous and inviting, almost mesmerizing–to myself included. But that´s just one part of a lovely, complicated whole that I adore dearly.” – Tasha Fierce, Sex and The Fat Girl

“My favorite part of my body is my booty. I like the contour, and the shape, and the way it wiggles when I walk. My booty turns me on!” – Jayne Dirt, JayneDirt.com

“I really love my small, agile body that can easily maneuver in the smallest places and fit the smallest of sizes. I still sometimes forget that my height is not the norm, because most of my best girlfriends happen to be just as small. Petite ladies rock!” – Patrice Peck, Xhibit P

“One of my favorite parts of myself is my hair. It’s soft, kinky, and playful, just like me; and I can’t help but let out a sigh of gratifying relief when it gets pulled and tugged during intimate moments. My hair carries my scent. It’s a defining feature of who I am. It’s my crown.” – Taja Lindley, Colored Girls Hustle

“After making a truce with my thighs, I can passionately say I love EVERYTHING about my body. From my curves, to the fullness of my breasts, to the way my back arches and how my butt tends to sag. It took me a long time to get here so I make no apologies.” – Khaleeqa Rouse, Paparoxi

“My body is my barometer for my health. If I am stressed, not eating right, not exercising enough, my alarm system activates. I appreciate that.” – Evita Robinson, Nomad•ness TV

What do you love about your body? Spill!

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