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An Artist All Vixens Should Know: Luke James - I remember being introduced to this kid over the summer through this video and immediately fell in love with his voice. I remember being mad that it ended so prematurely. Right after he made every nerve in my body tingle. A tease indeed it was but a great introduction that had me excited to hear his debut single “I Want You” in full. Shortly after, I had a chance to catch the rising star at a private showcase at The Dominion in NYC. I was blown away. From his shy yet charismatic demeanor to his amazing voice that was even better live, I knew he was something special. (Continue Reading…)

Heavy D’s Cause Of Death Revealed - The music industry lost of of the great ones when Heavy D passed back in November. It was believed that Heavy D (born Dwight Myers) died due to complications from pneumonia, but it turns out he died from a pulmonary embolism instead. (Continue Reading…)

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