Who Will Take The Throne? 4 Artists Who Have Potential To Checkmate Beyoncé

When it comes to entertainment, we all know Beyoncé Knowles-Carter does it best. We can sit here and deny her talents and bicker whether she’s “iconic” or original, but one thing this Grammy Award-winner knows how to do is entertain. She has definitely been one of the most consistent artists of our generation, putting out quality work.

After years and years of pregnancy rumors, King Bey finally confirmed she was pregnant during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Prior to her announcement at the awards show, the 29-year-old songstress was no stranger to having suspected buns in her oven. During her three-year marriage to rapper and mogul Jay-Z, Beyoncé has battled these rumors, what seems like, everyday. With Beyoncé on the brink of a motherhood hiatus and dabbling in other business (The Parkwood Group), here are four artists who could potentially take B’s throne.

Kelly Rowland
With her promotions kicked in heavy gear after her latest album Here I Am dropped, it seems like people are really taking a liking to Miss Kelly. She’s been rocking in the same Beyoncé camp since Destiny’s Child days, so she has the opportunity to tap some of the same resources and connections. Kelly Rowland always manages to give good fashion and personality, which is something our Queen B could perfect. If Kelly Rowland can get with the right people, she can actually become the bigger star we all hope for.

Let’s face the facts: Adele owns the charts and radio waves. She has crossed over The Pond to the United States, garnering a lot of fans and support. With the Grammys coming up soon, I can assure you she will own those too. Without even the gaudy glitter and sequin leotards, Adele manages to capture our hearts. Like Beyoncé, Adele can have you running around the house trying to figure out ways to murder your ex or looking for the nearest razor blade. She is definitely the anti-thesis to Beyoncé, offering soul stirring work but in a different light, often very dark and morbid.