Who Will Take The Throne? 4 Artists Who Have Potential To Checkmate Beyoncé

If we’re honest, Rihanna is on top of her game and has been for a while. Even without the vocal strength, she still seems to manage to rack in several number one hits (hi, Michael Jackson). Not to mention that her fans, the #RihannaNavy, go extremely hard for her. With her Roc Nation money, promotions are never-ending and she’s able to change her look every year when she releases a new album. Like Beyoncé, Rihanna over-saturates the market and with the missing Queen, she can definitely go harder!

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj, Harajuku Barbie, Nicki The Ninja, Roman Zolanski or whoever she claims to be today has become a household name. With her illustrious, over-the-top fashions and quirky rap flow, Minaj is definitely playing in the big leagues now. Even Lil Kim can’t get enough of her, with constant disses sparsely coming out every other month. Minaj looks good on paper, cashing in on hot singles, collaborations and number one hits. She really is a true meaning of an artist because she does it all. If Nicki Minaj can believe that she is all those people and more, somehow we have to believe in her. This could definitely be her moment!