Why I Am Not a Ride or Die Chick

Watching the weekly antics of the rich and ghetto on T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle and The Real Housewives of Atlanta last week prompted a brief moment of self-reflection and spurred the idea for this article.

During the respective episodes, I watched Tiny stick by her man through his second stint in prison and Cynthia Bailey willingly offer to give $40,000 of her own money to husband Peter. After watching the shows I was convinced of two things: 1. These men must have penises dipped in diamonds to have women who would make such sacrifices 2. I am not now and hand to God will never be a ride or die chick.

Before I begin my rant, allow me to offer my definition of a ride or die chick (just think Yvette from “Baby Boy”). A ride or die chick is the epitome of loyalty and trust and takes her position as main chick, girlfriend, baby mama, and for the lucky few, wifey, very serious. Come jail, drugs, death, debt, drive bys, jumpoffs, and whatever other foolishness the man may pull her into, she’s not going anywhere.