Why Your Boyfriend Waits in Line to Buy Shoes

I woke up to my twitter timeline being filled with outrage regarding the Concord Jordan release last year.  I had no idea a release date was taking place (one is always around Christmas time, but I haven’t purchased a pair of Jordan’s in years) and didn’t know what the Concord’s were.  After Googling, I realized that the Concord’s were XI’s, a pair of Jordan’s that I happen to own.

I immediately took my twitter timeline to discuss and defend Brand Jordan and those who chose to purchase them. As a child and a young adult I loved Jordan’s and waited in many a line to purchase.  I remember being filled with excitement while camping out for Jordan releases, saving my money and before I got my license at 16, begging my mother or my grandmother to wake up and give me a ride to Finish Line so I can have a pair of these “must have” sneakers.  Wearing them on the Monday following a Saturday release was a HUGE DEAL in high school (and college).

I remember a lot of release days, but purchasing these XI’s was one of my most memorable ones.  These releases were extremely important because the black/gold Jordan’s I had to have.  While I wasn’t yet a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated at the time, I knew that I would be one day so having the Black/Gold Jordan 6s were a must.  The XI’s came as a nice bonus.

In January of 2006, then a sophomore in college, me and Jaye headed to the mall after leaving a frat party to get in line and wait.  We took turns sleeping in the car; I even stepped out of the line a few times to vomit (it was after a college party).  Once the doors opened at 6am, I purchased a 9.5 when I usually wear a 8.5; going home empty-handed was not an option.  Now almost 6 years later, I still have these shoes, they are still in good condition and if sold now I would definitely get a return on my “investment.”

Fast forward to today.  As a mature adult with bills and responsibilities would I purchase Jordan’s, NO.  My priorities are different, I value my time and I choose to invest in my IRA versus sneakers, but do I regret purchasing them back in my yesteryear’s, NOT AT ALL.    Back then some kids purchased video games, others purchased CDs, some purchased food while I purchased Jordan’s.

In today’s society, not much has changed.  Brand Jordan has done an excellent job creating brand loyalty.  Just like people wait in line for the latest Apple iPhone or iPad, people will wait in line in purchase Jordan’s.  Why does society respect when individuals wait in line for Steve Jobs, but condemn those who wait in line for Michael Jordan?   Just like people decide to spend their $200 on purchasing Christian Louboutin shoes, designer handbags, high-end luggage, bottle service or tailored suits,  for some having a fresh pair of Retro Air Jordan’s is what matters to them.  Should we take to twitter to criticize them as well?

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