Is Your iPhone 4S Pro Life?

All of the iPhone 4S users out there who have fallen madly in love with Siri should ask your new favorite friend a question regarding abortion or contraception.  

It seems that Siri is pro life and and is designed to not give you the help you seek when it comes to some medical questions. If you ask Siri for an abortion clinic in New York City, it will tell you “Sorry, I couldn’t find any abortion clinics” vs. telling it “I’m lonely” or declare you haven’t had sex in months, it will direct you to a escort service.

Hmm… it’s a bit odd that a device that is suppose to give you the  answers to anything won’t provide you with an answer for something millions of people ask it. Siri won’t even direct you to a place where you can obtain emergency contraception if you ask for it. Instead, it gives you a definition.

Perhaps Apple may need to make some tweaks, because if it’s not offering all aspects of information when you need it, what’s the point of it? –Krystal Holmes