6 (or More) Women Who Should Step Up Their Style in 2012

It’s 2012 now and the following women are being called out for terrible fashion sense. These six unstylish culprits have gone on too long without knowing how to put some things together. For goodness sake, they have the money to hire a stylist, so Krystal (@IamKrystalH) and I (@missjournalism) are not letting these women off easy! First up…

Fantasia Barrino- Before her baby bump began to show, she didn’t wear clothing that complimented her body type. From cheetah print to ensembles that were too short or too tight, she was tip-toeing in the worst direction: tacky.

She should consult with a stylist (and fast!) when she steps back out into the public eye. This year, we just want to see a conservatively dressed mommy toting around her baby boy.