Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Man: Vixen’s Guide to Menswear-Inspired Flats

Hey Vixens! Looking for a way to be feminine and chic without sacrificing comfort in the name of sky-high heels? Look no further! If you’re anything like me, you live in heels and “sneaker” is a four-letter word. Flats take me back to my swagless high school years—not a pretty visual.

But for the sake of my sanity—and my feet—I needed to find an alternative that fit into my aesthetic. I decided to embark upon a journey to find flats that were cute enough for me to feel comfortable in, while maintaining a fashionable appearance. And I have good news, fellow high-heel enthusiasts! The ever-popular menswear trend of the winter is here to rescue your poor, tired feet from pumps,  platforms and spike-heeled stilettos. There’s a world of cute, tailored, menswear-inspired oxfords and loafers that are perfect to kick start your spring wardrobe into high-gear!