Amber Rose’s Former Publicist To Tell All

It is pretty much a fact that Amber Rose’s claim to fame was stripping and being Kanye West’s leading lady. The question that always seems to arise however is what happened between the two?

A few weeks ago it was confirmed by Star magazine and Amber that Kanye’s cheating with reality star Kim Kardashian was the reason for their split. Although that may have been a huge part, this morning we got light of something that we thought was pretty interesting. Amber’s former publicist Janero Marchand took to Twitter to say that “Amber” and her brother “were going to Hawaii plotting and stealing from Kanye.”

That is one of the reasons why he is no longer representing her and the reason why the two [Amber and Kanye] broke up. Janero promises to speak more on what really happened in his upcoming doc The Michael Jordan of Models which drops next month.

Until then, peep his tweets below.