Angela + Vanessa Simmons Launch New Social Network Website


Between these young entrepreneurs doing fashion shows, creating sneaker lines, inking Barbie Doll deals, making workout videos and filming movies, Angela and Vanessa Simmons are definitely not the easiest to keep up with. As for their fans, Angela keeps her 800 thousand plus followers informed about her whereabouts through Twitter. Vanessa is more incognito with her daily agenda but now they have created a place for everyone to be in the loop. Today, these sisters have launched their new website;, and it is exactly what you fans have been waiting for. is not just your average celebrity blog site; these moguls have created a social network of their own. To become a member, all you have to do is sign up and create a cool profile with your picture. It’s just that easy, and from there, you can join in some interesting conversations through direct messaging or in the forums where you can create your own subjects for discussion. You can also sign-in to leave comments under any post of your interest. The communicative opportunities are limitless!

You can find topics like, “The Life,” where you can be filled in daily with great recipes and healthy food choices and fun posts like what Vanessa has in her handbag. Being the daughters of a Hip-Hop Hall-of-Famer Rev Run, it is only natural to have a place for music on the site, so in “The Beat” section, you can find out which songs are Ang and Nessa’s faves of the moment. If you need a leg up in the beauty department, you can click on “The Look” and find some beauty tips and must-haves.

To kick things off in a exciting way, Ang and Vanessa have decided to do a Pastry Sneaker Giveaway on their website. Head over there now and log on to for your chance to win and be a part of something new and exciting. Good Luck! -Franny Crooks