Are You The Product of Parental Lies?

Khloe Kardashian, according to Blind Gossip, may have recently faced the reality of the reality of a lifetime. With rumors spiraling out of control about who her real father is, the spotlight falls upon her lighter-skinned features, Amazon-like height and her mother infidelities. From what we know, growing up she believed powerful lawyer Robert Kardashian was her real dad. However, she clearly has distinct features that standout away from her siblings. Strong Armenian skin tones, hair types and body characteristics run deeply through her sisters and brother, Kim, Kourtney and Rob. But Khloe is, well, a bit different on all fronts. Plenty of people have questioned Khloe’s genes, but now the only near-proof of the “who’s your daddy?” scandal lies within the pages of their mother’s upcoming memoir and on the lips of their late father’s wife.

While the media, of course, stirs the pot on this, my first question is: What is Khloe going through emotionally? Sure, sources are saying that she already knows the truth, and the beans will be “spilled” on a forthcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but be empathetic for a minute. In the very moment that she realized that her doting, loving dad wasn’t her biological father and her mother cheated on the man she loved, there had to be a level of devastation that’s unmatched. I mean, as a child, you feel as if the two people raising you are superheroes! They’re perfect humans living a perfect life, and you even grow up to mirror their behaviors in your own relationships. So what happens when you realize that not only was it a faulty marriage, but you are the product of your mom’s infidelity… with a hairstylist?

Are you a child of the same scenario?

Sadly, a lot of our generation comes from single-parent homes, but what most stats tend to omit is the darkness of family secrets. Is your Uncle Barry really your pops? Did you favorite aunt reveal herself as your real mom? It’s shocking and eye-opening when these revelations bubble up during a heated argument, a family reunion or an intimate conversation stemming from confusion. Salim Akil’s Jumping The Broom even took this family-dividing situation to the silver screen.

It seems that an adult, upon hearing this news, would feel an immediate loss of identity and purpose. So, while everyone’s in an uproar about the Kardashians capitalizing on their famous platform or being the first to find Khloe’s real dad, I wonder what the youngest Dash sister could possibly be dealing with.

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