Bad Boys Gone Good

Jay Z said once a good girl’s gone bad she’s gone forever, but that’s not so true for men. Some of our favorite celebrity bad boys have turned around their hardcore images over their careers, showing us that not every man has to be a bad boy for life and making us love them even more than when they first came on the scene. Check out how some of the entertainment industry’s most famous men went from good to bad and good again—for good.

Jay Z
A lot of people have forgotten Sean Carter’s “Big Pimpin” days when he said he’d never give his heart to a woman—especially after he officially gave it to Beyonce four years ago. Now, he’s nearly in the running for daddy of the year after expressing joy over his new baby girl Blue Ivy in the song “Glory.” Jay Z didn’t always have Obama on the text or lunch with mayor Bloomberg, though, back in the day he sold drugs, caught a case for a club stabbing, was involved in beef with Nas, and literally had about 99 problems. But that’s all behind him now as he focuses on his wife, daughter, and running the rap game the legit way. Kudos to Jigga.