Bad Boys Gone Good

50 Cent
Fiddy still has his moments but it’s clear he’s not the same gangsta from Southside Jamaica, Queens who survived nine gunshots back in 2000. Dissing rap for entrepreneurship, Curtis Jackson has consistently been named one of hip hop’s biggest cash kings due to his endorsement deal with Vitamin Water, acting, and 50-Cent-themed videogames, books, clothes, and more. He also has a much better head on his shoulders than when he first came in the game—minus a few rants here and there. Fans were concerned 50 might be suicidal when he recently tweeted he didn’t think he was going to live much longer, but the business mogul said all he meant was people need to think about what legacy they’re going to leave behind after they die, saying, “I want to be more than a guy who was able to create a few cool songs or was able to memorize the lines and have a decent performance in film projects. I want to be someone who impacts a lot of people’s lives in a positive way, so I’m a little more conscious of the things I’m doing in business to try and give back and make a difference.” We see the difference 50.