Bad Boys Gone Good

Mekhi Phifer
Mekhi usually plays a bad boy in his movie roles and his real life persona didn’t appear to be too far off at one point. Mekhi had to do some serious damage control after he was exposed as a cheater by his ex-wife, actress Malinda Williams, and on top of that he basically blamed Malinda for the reason he stepped out of their marriage. Since then, we’ve seen a softer side of Mekhi as a father to his son with Malinda and another son with fiancé Oni Souratha, and he’s also taken his acting to a new platform—Broadway to be exact—making his stage debut in Alicia Keys’ “Stickfly.” In this role he plays an educated rich man, which is a nice change from the roughneck he’s used to being. Hopefully art is imitating life in his case.