Beauty Alert: Louis Vuitton Launching New Fragrance

You may not be able to afford to wear Louis Vuitton every day, but you can still smell like it. The luxury designer is gearing up to release its first perfume since the 1930s, and like all things LV, it’s sure to be spectacular.

So far, there’s no date for the perfume’s release, but Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has officially started work with the brand. He is said to be taking his time on the new launch and will be traveling the globe to find the perfect scents. We already like where this man’s head is at.

“Making perfume is a magnificent journey, which starts with the quality of the base ingredients.”

Given his track record, we’re sure the scent will be luscious. Cavallier-Belletrud is the master perfumer behind other luxury fragrances like L’Eau d’Issey, Dior Addict, Poeme by Lancôme, and Stella by Stella McCartney.