BET’s “The Game” Star PJ Byrne Talks Fans, His Role On The Show & More

The Urban Daily caught up with BET’s “The Game” star PJ Byrne who plays Irv Smiff on the show to discuss what it’s like to play TV’s most lovable racist.

“The great thing about playing Irv for so long is that I don’t have to think about what makes him tick.  It’s like putting on a second skin,” PJ told the Urban Daily. It’s a great thing when the character you play on television becomes second nature to you. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

On being back on set the first day:

The first day, people were hugging me and it was such a great moment—I felt like I had never left.  They were genuinely happy to have me back.  The crew’s a little different, but they’re all great.  There’s something about playing a character like Irv—I don’t have to think about his history or making character choices.


On how he prepares to play Irv:

I always start by putting on the shoes.  It’s the first thing that grounds you.  There’s something visceral about how someone stands.  As for the character choices for Irv, anything that’s appalling to me, PJ—that’s a choice I’m going to make for Irv. He does push the envelope and says some racy stuff. Is Irv really racist? I don’t know. Sometimes he just tries too hard to fit in.  Irv isn’t pure evil, he’s just out for himself.  He looks out for his clients, but at the end of the day he’s looking to win.  When he says these crazy, dirty things it’s all out of love, in a dark, evil way.

Check out the entire interview here.