Birdman Talks Drake vs. Common’s Beef: ‘It’s Drake Or Nothing’

With YMCMB rapper Drake and Chicago veteran rapper Common getting into a recent beef, Cash Money records CEO Birdman has touched on the brewing war. Keeping it “one-hunnid,” Birdman speaks with Big Boy’s Neighborhood and says that he isn’t in the business of making money off diss records, but Drake is family and he’s going to ride with him no matter what.

“Drake the homie so, we ride or die. Ain’t no second questions about that but, we never been a brand to make records and want to make money off of making records of other people. That’s not what we bout. So, to me, however the young homie deal with it, we behind him we supporting him 100% with our life. That just what it is. Ain’t no other way. Drake the lil’ homie, that’s blood, that’s family, ain’t no siding with that. It’s Drake or nothing.