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Born To Be Wild With Eminem & Yelawolf (Pg.3)

He found his most seamless blend on Trunk Muzik (later, of?cially released as Trunk Muzik 0-60), a menacing collection of 808 drum booms and lyrical gymnastics. It was this collection that stopped Eminem in his tracks after producer Jim Jonsin and Paul Rosenberg hounded him to take a listen. Because you can’t hear color, Eminem focused on the words, the style, the howling endurance of Yelawolf’s controlled chaos. Eminem had discovered his next Shady Records MC.

LATER IN THE DAY, after the studio shoot wrapped, Yelawolf sits inside a trailer, gangly form folded onto a low chair. Eminem is nearby, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, hat pulled down over his eyes. He has a diamond-encrusted sobriety symbol hanging around his neck. When he speaks, he peeks out from under the brim of his hat to make a point. This is their ? rst duel interview, Yelawolf will later mention with great enthusiasm. At the moment, Eminem is singing the praises of his new protégé, a fellow technician of words who happens to also be white. “Obviously he’s white,” Eminem begins, “but I’m listening to what he’s saying and how he’s rhyming, and he sounds like nothing I’ve heard before. He doesn’t sound like a white rapper trying to sound like me or trying to sound like any other rapper for that matter. It was a unique sound to his voice, to his delivery, the way he would hit the pocket.”

VIBE: You’ve been building the new Shady Records 2.0 since signing Slaughterhouse. How does Yela- wolf ?t into your overall vision for Shady?

EMINEM: I’m not sure there is a set vision. Since I went through my personal thing as far as getting myself right, our only plan was to reestablish the label. And I’ve got a lot of faith that Yelawolf is going to be pretty damn big. It’s always exciting for me, because I love hip-hop so much to try to bring a new artist along and help them get where they want to be. But also it’s almost like I feel I’m helping to give back to hip-hop.

You mentioned getting yourself right. Are you completely clean these days as far as alcohol and drugs?

EM: Except for the heroin I shot up this morning. Except for that, I’m clean. [Laughs] While you’re clean, Yelawolf here smokes weed and—

YELAWOLF: No, I don’t. I hear that in your music a lot.

I hear that in your music a lot

YW: I started smoking weed at 11. By 12, I was smoking dust. Thirteen, acid, Freon, special k, mushrooms; 16 years old, I was selling X pills at school. Not even because I was a good dope boy, but because I was a scumbag. It was called chocolate chip, and it had heroin in it. I used to take that shit and go to class. I went so heavy into drugs that I had a bad trip one time that lasted for months.

What happens when you have a trip that long?

YW: You go on through to the other side. [Laughs] Well I just stayed by my grandmother’s side in Gadsden for a long time. I took some mescaline, some black pyramids and I had a bad trip that lasted me a few days. Then I took a break and my boy told me mushrooms ain’t the same, so we went to this cow ?eld and we just started popping caps straight out the patty, and chasing them with sweet tea. And I just checked out.

What are you actually seeing and feeling during those three months?

YW: I’m hallucinating and having insane anxiety attacks. Suicidal, like I can’t go on living like how I feel. For years I didn’t do shit after that. I drank water. I didn’t smoke, I didn’t do shit. Then I started drinking after that a little and then a lot. I tried smoking weed, but smoking weed would bring my anxiety back. The reason I feel I have a right to talk about it is because I did it. My mom still smokes weed to this day, she grows it. I got pictures of me at 5 years old next to pot plants. But I’ve never said in one record ever that I’m smoking weed.

How are you dealing with it all now?

YW: I just drink, and I tried to go sober. The night before the “Hard White” video shoot, I duffed some dude out at the bar and threw my beer all over him. I got really besides myself.

EM: Familiar story. [Laughs]

Did you take a lot of hallucinogens, too?

EM: No. A lot of Valium. And Ambien. None of that stuff are hallucinogens. Ambien could border on that. It’s like a mind eraser. I remember being on TV a few times and not remembering that I did it. Just fucking up lyrics.

Yelawolf, you connected with Kid Rock for “Let’s Roll.” What do you remember about meeting him for the ?rst time?

YW: I always knew that the comparisons were there when I ? rst started. That’s what you deal with Marshall and Kid Rock. Are you saying because you guys are white, people threw you in together?YW: Well, early on, yeah. But culturally, I was making a connection with them two. With Kid Rock, it was the country, his connection with NASCAR, the rebel, the wild country boy side. My uncles are that way. I grew up in that world. On the hip-hop side, Marshall brought that out. I felt like I was sharing both elements of each. So, I said. “One day I would like to meet both of them.” That is the honest to God truth. I set that in my mind, and I wanted to make that happen. I had no idea I would end up on Shady or that I would end up with both of them at Kid Rock’s house. So it was really surreal.

So, when you pulled up, what did you see?

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Kodak Black, Vic Mensa And More Friday Releases You Need To Hear

With only a couple more weeks of 2018 left on the calendar, Friday music release are still going strong. The list is getting shorter however. This week, only a small handful of artist dropped new projects or singles, including Kodak Black and Vic Mensa.

Check out our roundup below.

Kodak Black – Dying to Live

Kodak Black's highly-anticipated sophomore album Dying to Live has finally arrived. The 16-track project features special appearances from Offset, Travis Scott, Lil Pump, and Juice Wrld.

Just ahead of the album's release, Kodak dropped the tracklist. It includes the pre-released singles "Zeze," "Testimony," and "Calling My Spirit." The album also pays homage to the late XXXTentacion on "Malcolm XXX."

In a recent interview with radio station 103.5 "The Beat" on Dec. 11, Kodak detailed the significance of the album's title. "It's deep. I be feeling like we dying to live. Everybody going through something and suffering," he explained. "There's a lot of kids who will do anything just because they probably want to get a little flat screen, get some gold, and flex. There's people who would risk their life for $5,000. They're dying to live. We thugging so hard and wondering why the world won't soften up around us."

Dying to Live, which is a follow up to 2017's Painting Pictures, arrives shortly after Kodak appeared on Hot97's radio show with Ebro Darden. Things grew intense on set after Ebro questioned Kodak about his ongoing rape case.

Listen to Kodak Black's Dying to Live below.

Vic Mensa – Hooligans EP

Vic Mensa's Hooligans EP is here with special appearances by Ty Dolla $ign, Charlie Wilson, Mr. Hudson, G-Herbo, and G-Eazy. The album reportedly shares a glimpse into the many experiences and emotions that have made up Mensa's life. While it's similar to his 2017 album The Autobiography, Vic Mensa told us that the project focuses on songwriting in order to tell stories about mental health and love lost.

In particular, his single "Klonopin," discusses drug use in an honest and eye-opening way. "I always make music that deals with intense personal things in my recent life," he told VIBE. "I had stopped doing drugs before I made my last album, and I had moments where I relapsed back into it when I was extremely suicidal. I don't just say these things because they 'sound cool,' I say it because it's the reality of my experience. People are dealing with PTSD and trauma and have few outlets to really address that, especially young black men. People are on these drugs because they're trying to get away from reality because reality is pain."

Listen to Vic Mensa's Hooligans EP below.

Dreezy ft. Kash Doll – "Chanel Slides"

Dreezy and Kash Doll have joined forces to bring fans their latest banger. The slow-burning single flexes crisp bars as they brag about their new drip. It's unclear whether the new collaboration will appear on her forthcoming project Big Dreez, which Dreezy teased at the beginning of Oct. 2018.

Listen to the new track below.

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Roy Rochlin

Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye, Tells Drake Not To Threaten Her Family

Kim Kardashian is jumping in the feud between her husband Kanye West and Drake. Shortly after Kanye made shocking allegations that Drizzy had threatened him and his family on the phone, Kim K. hopped on Twitter on Friday (Dec. 14) to set the record straight.

Kim stepped in to defend her husband, sending a warning shot to Drake. "@drake Never threaten my husband or our family," she wrote. She also claimed that Kanye set precedent for other unique artists such as Drake. "He paved the way for there to be a Drake," she added.

Kim's tweet is hopefully the end to a rather exhausting night for the West household. As previously reported, Kanye unleashed an explosive rant on Twitter on Dec. 13, in which he called Drake out for sneak dissing, sending purple emojis, threatening his family, and refusing to speak to him. Kanye later dragged Travis Scott – who collaborated with Drizzy on their hit single "SICKO MODE" – into the mix and alleged that he also threatened him.

Drake has not yet responded to Kim or Kanye's recent allegations. Check out Kim's tweet below.

@drake Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake.

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) December 14, 2018

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Ebro Comments On Kodak Black Interview, Says Hip-Hop Will Need To Acknowledge Sexual Assault

Ebro Darden was interviewed by Nadeska Alexis about his viral interview with Kodak Black, where he attempted to start a conversation surrounding the rapper's looming sexual assault case. When the "Tunnel Vision" MC became uncomfortable, he left the interview. Darden seemed to catch more heat after the interview from the Internet from fans and musicians like Trick Daddy.

"I was trying to show him that ‘we take it seriously," Ebro said during his Beats1 interview. "You’re a young guy, but I also have to acknowledge the people watching this, and we can’t just gloss this over and act like it didn’t happen."

Kodak is currently awaiting trial for a sexual assault case, which is slated to occur in April 2019. Ebro acknowledges that he didn't enjoy how the interview ended, but he did not try to set him up, as many Internet folk somehow believe.

"Periodically throughout our conversation, I acknowledged he had a tumultuous past," he said. "I didn’t even want a response from him, I actually put it forward so that the people watching that know what he’s going through and either have been through sexual assault themselves, know some people who have and just know that it’s a serious conversation, know that I’m just not glossing it over for the sake of an album coming out."

Ebro concludes by saying that hip-hop culture and American society need to take sexual assault and the accounts of hurt women seriously, especially in regard to Christine Blasely Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.

Watch the entire exchange above.

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