Born To Be Wild With Eminem & Yelawolf (Pg.4)

YW: When we pulled up Bob [Kid Rock] pulled up on Waylon Jennings’ old golf cart painted like the General Lee. We pulled in and he’s got two cannons sitting in front of his house. A lot of classic Americana memorabilia. Letters from Johnny Cash on his wall. Pieces of his history at his warehouse, from when he was opening up for Too Short. I was just respecting his evolution from opening up for Too Short to hosting the CMTs is very inspirational. Me and Marshall played ball, which I won by the way.

You guys were playing basketball?

YW: You just gonna let me have that? [Laughs]

EM: Listen, I’ll let the reader figure out if he’s telling the truth about who won.

So he beat you Yelawolf, and you got him by a good, what four inches?

YW: We were playing 21 and I was hurt. Bad ankle.

EM: Now the excuses come. Him and his man got it.

How bad was the beating?

YW: It was so close, I had him right up to the very end. And he came back for the win.

EM: We were playing 21, and yeah, it was close. He had like four points.

Kid Rock didn’t play?

EM: He was barbecuing when we were playing.

YW: Didn’t Kid Rock beat you in a game of horse in flip-flops?

EM: We played horse that night, really?

YW: Yeah, in flip-flops that night.

EM: Do you really want this record to come out.[Laughs] Nah, he is nice. I’m not gonna front. He’s got a nice shot. He can play-play.

YW: Basketball, like I don’t know, the hunger to win with this dude [pointing to Eminem]. It’s awe- some but it’s also very funny.

EM: I’m a very competitive person, I will say that.

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