Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Shares Advice for Post-Baby Beyoncé

Our go-to fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins tell MTV just what she prescribes for new mommy Beyoncé‘s fitness program. She reportedly ate well during her pregnancy and didn’t gain an excessive amount of weight, but continuing to maintain a strict regimen is the only way Blue Ivy’s famous mom can slim down to post-baby size. First, the star must consult her physician.

“A new mother should first wait until she gets clearance from her doctor, and she can immediately start by making healthy food choices. Once a mother receives clearance from her doctor, then her starting point depends on her fitness level.”

Once Bey gets a clear doctor’s note, the Nike ambassador suggests a strict training and diet program, including cardio, strength training and healthy food choices. That shouldn’t be a problem for the pop superstar since she has great discipline when it comes to staying in shape. Luckily for the new mom, her inner dancing desires and walks with a stroller-strapped Blue Ivy will combat the pounds as well.

We think King Bey will enjoy losing the weight just fine…