Chelsea Settles Weighs In, Loses 100-Plus Pounds

has shed over 100 pounds and is ecstatic to share her new size with the world.

The plus-sized MTV reality star was filmed during her journey to LA for fashion, losing weight and taking care of her ailing mother. We don’t have the scoop on the other happenings in her life, but she recently spoke with US Weekly about dropping over 100 pounds.

“I started to eat for the right reasons — for fuel — not because I was bored or emotional. I’d never really believed I could change. But as soon as I visualized what I’d look like if I did and stopped making excuses, change happened.”

The young, African American 24-year-old who aspires fashion stylist is inspiration to several young girls who feel trapped by their weight issues. More importantly, the loveable star may have very well changed the face of plus-sized America, making it more acceptable on mainstream TV. She probably knows this, but more importantly, she changed her own life and now feels more accepting of herself.

“I love looking in the mirror and appreciating what I see!”

Congrats, Chelsea!



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