Chris Rock is Convincing Dave Chappelle to do a Watch The Throne Inspired Comedy Tour

Comedy lovers may soon get a double dosage of hilarity via Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

Rock confirmed that he and Chappelle are working on a tour collaboration in a recent interview with New York magazine’s Vulture Blog at the Sundance Film Festival this week. Rock was inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” tour and figured that a comedy tour was needed as well.

“I’ve been talking to Chappelle a lot. Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour,” Rock said. “You know I’m not the hard one but I’m trying to make that happen. After seeing Kanye and Jay-Z, I was like, ‘Me and Dave should do this.”

This could be epic. Hopefully Dave Chappelle cooperates!