Couple Alert: Aretha Franklin and Her Longtime Friend Get Engaged

John Legend isn’t the only singer to get engaged over the holidays. Aretha Franklin announced on Sunday that she too, was headed down the aisle. Aretha will be marrying her “forever friend,” Willie Wilkerson next summer. The 69-year-old met Wilkerson 27 years ago while he was a firefighter back in here hometown of Detriot. They became friends after he asked her to sign the cast on his leg. They even appeared on the cover of an April 1987 issue of Jet magazine where inside she gushed about how happy he made her.

Now, the Queen of Soul is thinking a Miami Beach wedding in June or July with the reception on a private yacht. And, no, the couple isn’t rushing down the aisle for any urgent matters. “No, I’m not pregnant, LOL,” she joked.