Crazy in Love, or Just Crazy?

I was fortunately smart enough to get out of that situation, but many are not.

Maybe it isn’t our own fault that we mistake crazy for love, as it seems to surround us every day. We see it in the shows we watch like Love & Hip Hop when grown women fight over no good men. We see it in the media when young black women go missing who were last seen with their significant other. Sometimes we even see it in the house of God when men who are supposed to be leading by example have women and sometimes even men arguing over them.

We, in many cases, have become a society that craves attention in the wrong way. Whether it’s getting on reality TV and acting out of character, standing by a man/woman who we know isn’t good for us or lying to ourselves about bad situations, we have it to stop mistaking crazy for love. Love does not hurt, love does not make you cry and, most importantly, love certainly should not scare you. -Mia Fields-Hall