Cuba Gooding Jr & Nate Parker Chat With VIBE About 'Red Tails'

VIBE's Krystal Holmes (@IAmKrystalH) caught up with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Nate Parker to talk about their new epic film, Red Tails. Here Nate reveals the career lessons he's learned from Cuba, they both talk abotu the special effects and why Red Tails is a must see movie.

VIBE's Starrene Rhett (@GangStarrGirl) got some additional time to chat with Nate Parker. Here's what he says about what attracted him to the movie:

There’s a number of things that attraceted me to the film, the first thing was that It’s a film that allowed me to present to the world a group of masculine, unopalogetic Black men whose input in the film determines the outcome of the film. So often Black men in film are emasculated, whether it’s them wearing a dress or whatever the case, because there are so few projects we have to take what’s given and often that comes with compromise, so it’s great to get a project that celebrates masculinity in our community.

And I think that can be used right now in contemporary times to inspire young people to really step up into that position and to encourage them in what decisions they’re making because that can have an impact. And the other thing is that the Tuskegee Airmen were all about excellence. It wasn’t just about, "I have to go and shoot down a plane," it was, "I have to be perfect." To be in the military in a time when they weren’t allowing us to do it and then finally allowing us--a lot of these guys got perfects scores on their tests. Imagine getting a perfect score on your SATs, that’s the equivalent to passing the test where you have to fly a piece of machinery. We got a chance to look at some of the tests they were giving and the scope was just so wide, I was like, how did they even pass?"

And then the other thing was for George Lucas to put 59 million dollars into a historical Black drama and make it an action film is mindblowing, it never happens. This is the first time I’ve known it for a Black historical film to have a pledge this big and for it to be an exciting popcorn film. It talks about the pain but it also talks about the excitement and the ability. These were the rock stars of their generation. It was like they were like flying race cars. Those are the reasons why I really wanted to be a part of it.

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Drake To Direct Upcoming ’48 Laws Of Power’ Episode On Quibi

While Drake is behind the mic laying down new verses for upcoming music, the Toronto native will also step behind the camera to direct an episode of an upcoming series. Based on Robert Greene’s best-selling book The 48 Laws of Power, the series of the same name will debut on Quibi in the near future.

Drake’s production company Dreamcrew, and Anonymous Content will helm the executive producing duties. The partnership will also receive executive direction from Dreamcrew’s co-founder Adel “Future” Nur and executive Jason Shrier. “When Drake and I sat down with Robert Greene it was incredibly inspiring,” Future said. “The laws allow for a wide range of dynamic storytelling and Quibi allows us to tell these stories in bite-sized chapters similar to the book.” The entertainment outlet will launch on mobile on Apr. 6.

Greene, who’ll be an executive producer as well, said he’s looking forward to the cinematic adaptation of his 1998 book. The passage outlines the road to success through philosophies taught by Sun-tzu, Machiavelli, and more.

"I have always thought that The 48 Laws of Power would be a perfect fit for a series, bringing to life the timeless Machiavellian game of power as portrayed in the book. But it was not until Drake and Future with Anonymous Content approached me with their unique cinematic approach to the laws that I knew I could join forces with them and go all in for a filmed interpretation of my work," Greene said. Anonymous Content will spearhead the studio.

Although music videos might be the only time you see Drake on the television screen, for now, the 33-year-old has his hands in a couple of TV projects from Netflix to HBO. On the former streaming service, Drake executive produced London's hit series Top Boy. On HBO, the first season of Euphoria, which Drake recently posted a picture of a table read on his Instagram, is headed into its second season. The production is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Courtesy of Netflix

Kenya Barris’ ‘#blackAF’ Netflix Series Debuts New Trailer

Kenya Barris is looking to command the Netflix universe with another program for the streaming giant titled #blackAF. The series, set to premiere on Apr. 17, will depict his parenting skills and family structure in “a total reboot of the family sitcom” dynamic.

The mockumentary stars Rashida Jones, with guest spots from Nia Long, Tyler Perry, Mike Epps and more. Barris will also step into a leading role, playing a version of himself. Its description reads: “With new money and expensive tastes, Kenya Barris and his family navigate success and explore the struggles of being unapologetically black and wealthy.”

The show arrives after Barris' previous sketch comedy series, Astronomy Club, which debuted in 2019. The 45-year-old director/writer has also created hit programming including his -ish canon of black-ish, grown-ish, and mixed-ish. Barris is also responsible for writing the sequel to Coming to America.

View the trailer below.

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‘Dutch’ Trailer Features Lance Gross, Macy Gray And More

In an adaptation of Teri Woods' best-selling Dutch novel, the film of the same name will finally hit theaters in Fall 2020. The movie stars Lance Gross, Macy Gray, Melissa Williams, James Hyde and more.

The motion picture is directed by Preston Whitmore (This Christmas) and tells the story of Bernard “Dutch” James Jr., an ambitious drug dealer who has his sights set on becoming the East Coast’s top drug lord while battling a high-profile court case.

"We really got our hands on an all-star cast," says Manny Halley, producer of Dutch and founder of Imani Media Group. "Dutch is an iconic story within the urban literary genre, so we had to get every detail right—and I think we did. Fans will be looking for us to finish the trilogy with this one!"

The book "Dutch" was part of a trilogy series that first began in 2003. It was followed by "Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge," and "Dutch III: International Gangster."

View the trailer above.

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