Deion Sanders Apologizes For His Daughter’s Twitter Rant, Discusses His Divorce

Deion Sanders had a lot of cleaning up to do after Deiondra Sander’s Twitter rant last week.   

He called in to K104 FM to talk about what was going on in his marriage and his divorce from wife Pilar. Taking the higher road, he began by apologizing for his daughter, “I apologize for my daughter, she loves her father and she felt like I was being abused and misused and she lashed out, which she is sorry for.” He went on to say that her actions “magnified the whole situation.”

Peep a few excerpts from the interview and listen to the full interview below.

On if he’s giving up on marriage:

“I believe I’m a great father; I don’t know about that. I’m an athlete. We chalk up wins and losses. Prayerfully, I have a good talk w/ God about it. My God will supply all my neeeds. Imma chill for a minute. I’m about to marry these kids at these schools, indulge myself in the community.”

On his current living arrangements with Pilar:

“The thing about it, Pilar and I are cool…we’re living in the same house, so that’s true…I’m not even upset. Pilar is cool too. You gotta understand, we love the babies…It’s cool until the situation is worked out…I’m there every morning…I think the attorney that she retained is drumming up a lot of this stuff….Divorce is divorce; you don’t hafta be ignorant about it.”

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