Do You Know the Best City for a Single Vixen to Find a Date?

ATL isn’t known as Hotlanta for nothing. Many might think the name has to do with the black mecca’s warm temperature, but the southern city has more hotness going for it than that.

The Daily Beast recently named Atlanta the best city in the U.S. to find a date which is great news for single vixens. ATL is culturally diverse, and one of the few cities in America with a black population that outnumbers all other races. The ratio of men to women is pretty equal too at 69% vs. 71%, people are bringing in roughly $40K a year, and in terms of well-being, the city scored pretty well. So what does this all mean? You have a high chance of meeting a gainfully employed, truthfully single, non-bitter man who can actually afford to take you out on a date—hey it’s a start!

It might not be a bad idea to take a stroll down Peachtree and see what you pick up in the dirty south.

Can any Atlanta vixens attest to finding love in ATL?

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