Don’t Let Extra Pounds Weigh Your Fashion Down

Dressing up doesn’t always feel as fun when you’ve got a bump or bulge where there was never one before. Whether it’s age, the freshman 15, or winter hibernation that’s added a little extra padding to your figure, don’t let that stop you from putting your best fashion foot forward.

Try these quick tips for working with the extra somthin’ somethin’ you’ve got before you swear off leaving the house again. Picking out clothes and getting dressed may take a little more time than you’re used to but the added effort will be well worth it.

Lose the Labels
If you’re normally a size 8 in jeans, the idea of having to purchase a pair of 10s may tempt you to just go ahead with the 8, despite the fact that nearly you broke a sweat squeezing into them. Yes, it’s a bit of a blow to the ego to have to go up a size, but what’s worse: popping out of something that’s obviously too tight or looking fabulous in an outfit that fits you, even though it’s a size bigger than you normally wear? Pay more attention to how clothing fits when shopping for your new/temporary body as opposed to what size it is. Yes, labels should serve as a reality check that you may need to watch your waistline, but don’t let them stop you from buying clothes that actually fit your body.

Get Some Support
For ladies who are used to throwing on a tight dress and having it hug their curves in all the right ways, the idea of having to put on a pair of Spanx or any other type of support undergarment can seem… confining, to say the least. But again, what’s better: lumps and bumps or a sleek silhouette? Shapewear is typically a wardrobe staple for even the slimmest and trimmest of women, and when you need a little help recreating that hourglass figure this is absolutely the way to go. There are tons of options from one-piece body suits to high-waisted panties that can help you out whether you need to smooth a little back fat or hold in a sprouting pooch for the night.

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