Don’t Let Extra Pounds Weigh Your Fashion Down

Focus on the Fabric
Clothing with a little spandex will give you room where you may now need it—clothing with too much spandex will accentuate your body where you don’t need it. Pay attention to how clingy a fabric is—if shapewear can’t smooth it out, you’re just gonna have to let it go. On the other hand, don’t go overboard thinking you have to wear a bunch of flowy ensembles now. Pencil skirts and other straight styles are still a good choice because they give you a structured fit, just don’t hesitate to go up a size if need be. (It goes without saying that any material with an over-the-top pattern probably isn’t a good idea right now.)

High Heel It
High heels make your calves, legs, and thighs appear slimmer—and you may need that help if you’ve gained a little weight in your lower half. The trick—depending on your body—is to make sure you don’t pick a heel so skinny it just makes you look unbalanced. But if we’re just talking temporary weight gain, it’s unlikely that will be a problem. Either way, heels obviously make you taller, which makes you appear thinner, so it

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