Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Explained By Producer Noah ’40’ Shebib

Drake’s Take Care wouldn’t have been completed without the help of this man. Noah “40” Shebib has been with Drizzy since the beginning. There isn’t a producer or engineer that knows his sound better. He recently spoke to MTV on the making of the entire album.

“We’re afforded all of the creative freedom in the world,” 40 explained. “They really trust us and have from day one. It’s a great feeling to know that me and Drake just get to make music. We don’t really have to clear it with A&Rs or anybody. We are our own A&R’s. We just make it happen, and we take it, say, ‘Hey, look, this is what we did. Let’s put it out.’ “


“HYFR” (produced by T-Minus) “He trusts us enough to take chances; he’ll go there with his raps. Not just getting on the song, but he’ll participate [in the song’s theme]. On ‘HYFR,’ he’ll show that introspective side of himself along with Drake. That’s amazing, and those are some of Wayne’s illest moments, always have been for him.

“The Real Her” (produced by 40 and Drake) “Even on ‘The Real Her,’ a lot of people will be like, ‘Nah, nah, I can’t get on that sh–,’ but Wayne will be like, ‘F— that. … I’m going to get on that sh–.’ … I like it.’ And that’s what it is to me. You have to make music with that attitude. We love the music we make.”

“Take Care” (produced by Jamie xx and 40) “We’ve always been a fan of Jamie as well as the xx, and we had been to their studio and sat with them prior to this when we were in London last year. We had loved that Gil-Scott [Heron] record, and the remix Jamie had done, and I guess between Oliver and Drake and myself, but specifically Oliver and Drake felt that song never got its shine. ‘Man, what a great record. It never was as big as it should’ve or could’ve been.’ “

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