Editor of ‘Vogue Italia’ Breathes Life into African Designers

Vogue Italia’s editor-in0-chief, Franca Sozzani, is putting Ghana front and center of the African fashion scene by mentoring designers there as part of the WEB-Young Designers Hub.

Sozzani said putting together Vogue’s Black Issue in 2008 was her proudest moment, and she’s thrilled to be continuing her campaign to diversify the fashion industry. The hope is for these designers to gain more international fame and find their way into other magazines and retailers around the world. To make that happen, she tells mentees, “Make sure that [you] feature not only references to Ghanaian culture but also have an international appeal so that your garments can also be successful abroad.”

Although Sozzani has visited other African countries, she says none of them tickled her fashion fancy like Ghana.

“You have lots of potential in this country. During my stay in Africa, I visited Togo and Nigeria but it was only here in Ghana I noted an authentic sense of fashion.”

Check out a video of some of the up-and-coming designer’s fashions here.