Five Fragrances for the Fresh New Year

The Chloé scent is ultra feminine with notes of pink peony, freesia, lychee, magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose. Its hints of cedar wood, amber, and honey give it a classic feel. This scent is timeless.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the luxurious line of Bottega Veneta leather handbags and various leather goods, this fragrance seems to encapsulate the rustic scent of leather and pair it with contrasting scents of violet, jasmine, bergamot orange, and pink pepper. These combined with a hint of oak moss gives this fragrance a sense of warmth. And what’s better than a fragrance with a warm feel during this cold season? This is definitely a great choice for the new year.

And who says you have to wear the same fragrance every day? Try buying a couple new scents to rotate throughout the year. For example, wear Michael Kors “Gold” when your dressed to the nine’ for a night out at the club. Wear Fresh “Sugar” on the weekends when you’re going to lunch with your girls. Marc Jacob’s “Daisy Eau So Fresh” would be perfect for a fun date with your man. No matter which fragrance you pick, make sure it leaves a great impression that matches your personality.

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