French Montana Talks Not Taking Kanye West Deal, Meeting Rihanna, Working with Drake

Newly signed Bad Boy Records artist French Montana is the talk of the town, so it was only right he head to Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez. During his visit to the NYC radio station, Frenchie spoke on a variety of topics. From the rumored deal with Kanye West,new fame, collaborating with Drake and meeting Rihanna. Take a listen to his interview below. (It is too funny that French claims to not know how to use email):

French on Turning Down Kanye West

Angie: “You and Kanye, I thought this was happening…”
French: “Yeah, we all big fans of Kanye, Jay-Z and everything. My thing was, I met up with him one time, and then I met up with him again. But it’s like…Kanye doesn’t have a phone. Let’s just put it out there like that. So, in order to get in contact with him, you have to email him. I mean you can’t tell me to do that. I don’t know how to use an email. So I guess me and him was never gonna talk? And I’m putting my career in your hands?…You know what I’m saying. But he’s definitely talented, I feel like if I had went there we would definitely have made history….”

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