French Montana Talks Not Taking Kanye West Deal, Meeting Rihanna, Working with Drake

Newly signed Bad Boy Records artist French Montana is the talk of the town , so it was only right he head to Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez. During his visit to the NYC radio station, Frenchie spoke on a variety of topics. From the rumored deal with Kanye West,new fame, collaborating with Drake and meeting Rihanna. Take a listen to his interview below. (It is too funny that French claims to not know how to use email):

French on Turning Down Kanye West

Angie: “You and Kanye, I thought this was happening…”
French: “Yeah, we all big fans of Kanye, Jay-Z and everything. My thing was, I met up with him one time, and then I met up with him again. But it’s like…Kanye doesn’t have a phone. Let’s just put it out there like that. So, in order to get in contact with him, you have to email him. I mean you can’t tell me to do that. I don’t know how to use an email. So I guess me and him was never gonna talk? And I’m putting my career in your hands?…You know what I’m saying. But he’s definitely talented, I feel like if I had went there we would definitely have made history….”

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