Good Credit Required Not Debatable

  1. Nice Looking
  2. Loves his momma and God
  3. Has a career and makes good money
  4. Great in bed
  5. Good with children
  6. All of the above

I laughed to myself as a few of my girlfriends stated their qualities of an ideal mate during our monthly ladies night dinner. We could talk all night about the types of men we wanted or the men we already had and hoped they would become. It wasn’t until a friend proclaimed to me a few weeks later that she had met the man of her dreams that I realized we were missing one great quality on that list: financially savvy.

Sure, the man that she was falling for had a good job and made okay money, but he didn’t manage it well. Instead of saving his money and building a portfolio, he spent it on expensive clothes, new sneakers, trips and partying. He was pushing thirty and had never had his own place, a car in his name or anything substantial to show that he was responsible.

Since he made her happy, got paid every two weeks and kept the left side of her bed warm, my friend chose to look the other way. “Besides, it doesn’t matter,” she assured me. “His finances are something we can work on.”

“We?” I asked her with an eyebrow raised.

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