Good Girl Gone Wild: Rihanna’s Top 5 Craziest Moments

Rihanna knows how to keep up her shock value. Just when we think she can’t get any raunchier, crazier, or wilder, she hits us with another move that leaves us shaking our heads. We love her fun, fearlessness but sometimes we question her IDGAF attitude. The latest and greatest of Rihanna’s wildin’ out moments is her new tattoo. Last night she stopped by a tattoo parlor in LA and apparently got so caught up in being in 2 Pac’s west coast territory that she let Mark Mahoney tat “Thug Life” on her fingers in pink ink. Check out what other moments made us say, “That chic cray!”

Kadooment Day Parade
Anyone from the islands or who has at least been to Carnival or the Caribbean Day Parade in Brooklyn knows Rihanna’s celebration of Kadooment Day in Barbados is pretty typical of the festivities. But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t going hard. Drink in hand, fingers on her toes and rocking a jewel-encrusted two-piece with fishnets, Ri Ri enjoyed backing it up and grinding on anyone who came up to her float throughout the day. But as a Bajan native in her home country, we can’t say we blame her.

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