Hosea Chanchez is Off the Market

Hollywood has lost another single cutie.

Actor Hosea Chanchez stopped by the Essence office this week, and he told the magazine he has big news: He’s seeing someone special.

“It’s a relationship that’s come back around full circle,” Hosea said. “She lives in New York City. We’re just in a really good place right now. I’ve known her about nine years.”

Although he wouldn’t say who the mystery woman is, the usually shy star who plays Malik on The Game did give a little background on his long-term love.

“We broke up and she moved out here,” Hosea said. “We hooked back up after she got back out here and things are going really well now. Some of the problems that we had in LA we don’t’ have here.”

They say dating in Hollyweird is no joke, maybe the East Coast will give the couple the normalcy they need to make it work. If the southern gentleman does decide to put a ring on it, he promises to let the world know: “I do share when there’s something to share,” he said.

As sad as it is to know he’s off the market, we hope him and his leading lady can make it work this time around!