Is 2012 the Year Hoes Stop Winning?


I don’t refer to women as “hoes.” It’s crass, judgmental and rude, and too, it’s a term solely created to police women’s sexual experiences while men’s sexual adventures are encouraged as part of the personal development. But “hoes be winning” was a popular catchphrase in 2011, fueled by the come-up of unliked reality stars who garnered rocks, video vixens who got red carpet shine next to ballers and a specific genre of single woman who was bitter and needed any excuse to tear down another woman who had what she didn’t.  Consider my use of “hoes” as necessary for today’s conversation, perhaps the equivalent of an adding “a ‘m*****f***er’ so you ig’nant n****s hear me.”  (Cue Lauryn)

The initial question was actually asked by a commenter on in response to a story that Drake had spent New Year’s Eve, not with video model Dollicia Bryan. Earlier in the week, her team released a press statement announcing that she and Drake were an item. “Yes, Drake and Dollicia are dating,” said the rep. “They’re both in L.A. right now spending the holidays together.” It seemed believable enough, as Drake recently tweeted a picture of Dollicia at Saddle Ranch restaurant in L.A.

But then Saturday night came, and Drake appeared on Carson Daly’s NYE countdown show, attempting to keep warm with his ex, Zineb “Nebby” Samir.  Maybe you’ve heard of Nebby. Drake appeared on Toronto’s FLOW 93.5 and declared she was the inspiration beyond his first hit single “Best I Ever Had.” More recently, he name-dropped her on “‘Look What You’ve Done” where he raps, ‘It’s like ’09 in your basement and I’m in love with Nebby / And I still love her but it fell through because I wasn’t ready.‘

Drake’s dating track record is worse than Joe Budden and Kanye combined, but there he was, aired before, literally, one billion viewers, bunned up with the girl who was there before he was at the top of game but still in the game. (He was on Degrassi: The Next Generation at the time they dated.)