Is Rihanna a Bad Influence on Katy Perry?

A source says so.

According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna has been cited as one of the reasons Katy Perry and Russell Brand have split. The British funnyman feels that the hip winding rebel was a bad influence on his wife. If there’s any truth to it, we’re just chalking it up as a classic case of, well, jealousy. The last we checked, Perry and her bestie were breadwinners. Russell? Not so much.

While it’s unfair to place blame on the external details of any relationship, other sources are pointing fingers at Katy’s unwillingness to have children as the strife between the pair. The “Last Friday Night” singer is in the prime of her career, so why slow down now?

Who- or whatever is to blame, the marriage only lasted 14 months. Perry is said to be licking her wounds and planning a getaway with her bestie RihRih, while Brand could walk away with a cool $20 to $31 million. These industry folks better smarten up about the prenup!

Do you think Rihanna is to blame for the split?