Is Smoking Weed the New Sexy?

Since Rihanna blasted onto the Instagram scene, she has flooded headlines with her photos, displaying everything from her new hairstyle, to her fashion, to her downtime in hotels. With nearly one million followers, adventures of the good girl gone bad have gained massive attention. And one thing in particular that RiRi is not shy about on her profile is smoking weed.

In several photos, including her avatar, thick clouds of smoke are emitting from the young singer’s mouth. With captions that read, “Legalize it,” and hash tags like “#plantlife,” Rihanna is far from shy about her extra-curricular activities. Further than skipping out on being coy, the Bajan beauty has managed to keep it sexy with red-stained lips and fashion-forward looks. The question now is: has Rihanna brought sex appeal to smoking weed?

It hasn’t been since the days of Marilyn Monroe that public displays of smoking were considered a turn-on. Most recently, men have strayed away from female smokers, finding it more unattractive than ever before. Cigarettes never smelled like molasses, so the only logic behind this nearly unanimous sentiment are the increasingly public anti-smoking campaigns. Now, smoking is more associated with bad health than sex.

During her visit to this year’s Coachella festival, Rihanna was photographed being held at the arms by Snoop Dogg with a larger-than-large joint, while Warren G pointed to “Thug Life” written on her stomach. With spiked-out jeans, shades and a crop-top that reads “PEACE,” the singer still managed to exude sex appeal, garnering thousands of likes on Instagram and appearances on every major blog by the next morning. As if that weren’t enough, she posted a picture the next night rolling a blunt while sitting on someone’s shoulders, which received over 30,000 stamps of approval.

If those were cigs in RiRi’s hands instead of joints and blunts, would she have been certified crazy, sexy, cool, or would her fans be worried and urging her to quit? Some men have no problem with dating women who smoke weed, but regard nicotine sticks as the ultimate no-no. Perhaps this is because weed smoking is more of an occasional activity due to its illegality; there aren’t many chain blunt-smokers on your local park bench. –Iyana Robertson

Regardless of your vice, you may be able to count on RiRi to bring sexy back to weed. Ladies, is this good news, or bad news?