Is Your Man Catering to Your Insecurities?

Tyrese’s Open Invitation will be Reloaded on V-Day. And to build anticipation, the singer-actor’s released the teaser “Nothing On You,” a snippet of a Valentine’s Day-appropriate track about a woman’s insecurity and a man’s love. While the Chili-featured visual brings some relationship woes to light, what about when a man caters to your insecurities?

Come on, we all have them. And they’re often magnified in one of the most uneasy situations to be in: love. There’s a vulnerability attached to a relationship that can spark your deepest insecurities. Yes, these anxieties start from within, but your guy can surely compound them. Does he play into them? Make you feel like maybe he, in fact, is up to something?

A song that comes to mind–other than Tyrese’s ode to good men–is “Pretty Lil Heart” by Robin Thicke. The smooth, guitar-driven record echoes the twisted notion that a man feeds the insecurity. He knows you need constant reassurance, so he gives it to you. But this isn’t always the healthy option.

Scenario: You love him, but somewhere along the line he made you feel that way. Some past transgression by him or a former partner caused the now brooding rift between you two. You ask the same questions almost daily, you vie for his attention and you check all of his modes of communications for infidelity. All clear signs of your inner battles, but he doesn’t check you on it. Instead, he tells you consistently that he’s there for you, let’s you snoop as much as you want (to prove his innocence, of course) and teeters too close to the line of infidelity just to catch your usual reaction.

From what we can see from the vid, the chocolate Adonis (better known as Tyrese) is right. You definitely can lose a guy over incessant behavior of mistrust and insecurity. But I wonder, does his fictional character display the behaviors of a man feeding into an insecure woman’s ways before he leaves Chili the Dear John letter?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.