Jeanette Jenkins Talks Tomboy Upbringing, ‘Sexy Abs’ DVD + Celebrity Clientele

The best part about the workout is that it can be done by everyone. “The content, anybody can do it, whether they’re out of shape, overweight, in-shape, athlete or non-athlete. They just do the best they can, and the whole purpose is just to strengthen and improve their flexibility and range-of-motion of their core so if you’re consistent with your training, it complements a regular work-out program.” It also offers the benefits of decreased risks of lower back pain and core strength. Not to mention seeing Kelly’s fun commentary and seeing her workout motivation firsthand.

However, it’s the star trainer’s shining personality and fun approach to exercising that keeps her A-list clientele coming back.”When I train a client, I give them variety, and I can really hone in on their specific needs with various methods of training. I can pull from yoga, I can pull from pilates, I can pull from kickboxing, I can pull from spinning, from weight training and from all the different sports I’ve played. And I do it in a fun way. I don’t do it in a way where I’m coming down to lecture you. I do something with them that helps them release mentally and spiritually. If you have someone giving you positive energy every day, it affects everything that you do.”

With this DVD, she wants to reel in the Kelly Rowland fans and get them interested in health and fitness to show that a celebrity body is no overnight success. “There’s no magic pill, and the only way you’re gonna look great is you take care of yourself holistically–mind, body and spirit. There’s one thing they teach you in accounting that actually applies and it’s ‘Pay yourself first before you pay everyone else.’ So the first thing you gotta do is learn to be happy and love that person that’s on the other side of the mirror.”

While she juggles multiple business ventures, Jenkins will now be adding co-executive producer to a top-secret television show set for next year. “I can tell you for sure we are signed, sealed and delivered with Akil Productions (The Game). It’s gonna be in the health and wellness category, but just to let you know, good things are coming.”

She also told VIBE Vixen for the first time that she turned down an offer to replace one of her best friends Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser but didn’t take it “because they wanted to own my name in the health and wellness category public-wise.” Michaels even asked why she wouldn’t take it, and Jenkins says it was her business prerogative to own all the content she has created, instead of hand over her name and fitness empire to a distribution company.

With an already loaded yet impressive résumé, Jenkins continues to be the epitome of endless enthusiasm and refreshing optimism, something that her mom encouraged from a young age. “One thing my mom always told me, you can do it. Any wise idea, she was always like, yeah you can do it and so I just thought I could do anything.” And the new year just brings more opportunity for her to take over.

Her plans for 2012 also include taking on more interns and changing her single status after putting her business and family first this year. But her most important new year’s resolution: “I just wanna help people find their power.”