‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Taking a Break From Seaside, Sleeping Around, and Partying

The most mellow cast member from MTV’s The Jersey Shore, Vinny, has reached his “breaking point.”

The Italian sensation made the decision to leave the show on last night’s (Jan. 12) episode. He told MTV News, “I had to go home to recharge; Pauly is just not enough.” The cast has become a tight knit family and returned to Seaside straight from Italy without any real time off or personal time. Vinny couldn’t do it and stated that everyone at some point just needed a break.

“We just came from Italy, and you know we all hit a wall at some point,” we all kind of reached our breaking point in some way because it was so hard, the schedule, you will see my personal problems happen in the first couple of episodes. I’m just the type of person, when I’m feeling like that, I need certain things,” said Vinny. –Krystal Holmes

Check out the clip from his interview below.

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