Jim Jones and Chrissy Discuss Wedding Plans with Angie Martinez

With Jim Jones finally popping “the question” to longtime girlfriend Chrissy, the two lovebirds paid a visit to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 to discuss the big day. While chatting with the radio show host, Jim and Chrissy revealed if they have a set date for the wedding, where they’re going to have the ceremony, and more. (via NecoleBitchie)

Have you set a date for the wedding?
Chrissy: Not yet.

Jimmy, the streets are watching. You can’t propose then do one of those 4-year engagements.
Jimmy: Oh, man…is this what we’re gonna go through? We’re going to figure it out. Let’s do one thing at a time.

Have you started planning the wedding yet?
Chrissy: Absolutely  not; this is still just settling in…the whole engagement thing.

Chrissy you seem like you’re kind of nervous
Chrissy: Yeah, I am. I’m scared of the wedding. A lot of planning and a lot of stuff I have to get together.

Are you going to have a big wedding?
Jimmy: I’m old school; we got to go to my grandmother church and do it there then after that we can get crazy.
Chrissy: Me, I could’ve done a destination wedding. A few family members and a few friends.
Jimmy: My grandmother wouldn’t have allowed that.

Is this wedding going to be on television?
Chrissy: I hadn’t planned for it but let’s see.
Jimmy: Hey, if VH1 or somebody listening….