Kelly Rowland Dishes That Her Dream Man “Has to Be Supportive” & Wanting Five Babies

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In a recent interview with Juicy Magazine Ms. Kelly Rowland revealed her obsession with shoes, what qualities her future man need to have and more.

The 30-year-old R&B singer is single and loving it, but still wants to have children and a man in the future. Check out what the “Motivation” singer had to say below.

On her obsession with shoes:

I’m a shoe whore.  I own almost over 200 pairs.  I don’t know how many red bottoms I own.  I’ve recently been able to wear [Christian Louboutins].  My foot didn’t quite fit in ‘em, but now I can.  I don’t know if they altered them or what.”

On what her new man must be:

“He has to be supportive.  Secure. Have goals and know exactly what he wants to be and knows his place as a man… I’d love for him to want kids and be close to his mother.”

On children:

“I used to want five [babies]. Now I just want three. I took my godkids to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and that just completely subtracted two! [Laughs]”

Check out the rest of the interview here.